Big data

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IBM 2012

 IJARES Vol. 2, ISSUE 2, Feb. 2014 Big Data and
Hadoop: A Review - Mikin K. Dagli, Brijesh B. Mehta 

Big data er det samme som small data - bare større :-)

Big data is a term for massive data sets, a large amount
of data available in complex structured or no structure form. These
vast amounts of data are generated by social media and networks,
scientific instruments, mobile devices, sensor technology and
networks. The process of research into massive amounts of data to
reveal hidden patterns and secret correlations named as big data
analytics. These useful information for companies or organizations
with the help of gaining richer and deeper decision in the favor of
companies betterments and getting advantage over the competition.
Ability to manage, analyze, summarize, visualize, and discover
knowledge from the collected unstructured data in a timely manner
and in a scalable fashion is very difficult task using traditional data
mining tools (...) - Mikin K. Dagli, Brijesh B. Mehta)

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